Mount Pleasant Stables


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  • Docs Skip N Cash Son
  • Too Tardy Keegan
  • Mr Piper Tru Verse
  • I B Cruizin
  • Blue Chickolena
  • Smart Golden Cowboy
    Smart Golden Cowboy

Docs Skip N Cash Son Picture

Docs Skip N Cash Son 

DOB: 5/31/2000
AQHA # 4001106
Sire: Moxie Skip
Dam:  Clarks Little Miss

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My Cash is On Lacy

My Cash Is On Lacy






Pork Chop

Pork Chop



Sonny is a beautiful golden palomino with a white mane and tail.  He is 14.2hh and is solidly built.  He is really kind, gentle, and easy to get along with.  He is super quick on his feet and rides big.  Sonny goes back to Skip Plaudit and Skipper W on the top side and Clarks Doc Bar and Tonto Bars Hank on the bottom.  The colts offered are his first colts to hit the ground.  Check them out.

Too Tardy Keegan

Too Tardy Keegan  (Deceased)
 Keegan died of thyroid cancer  10/23/2010. 

DOB: 4/22/1993
AQHA # 3193090
Sire: Sonny Bee Mack
Dam: Shesa Tuff Tardy


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Booker T Moon

Booker T Moon

Dandy Handy Moon

Dandey Handy Moon

Hickory Dickory Babe

Hickory Dickory Babe

Shy Moon Verse

Shy Moon Verse

MZ Mercedes T Moon

Mercedes T Moon


Keegan is a mahogany bay that stands 16.2.  He has a lot of cow sense and is very athletic.  He puts the same good mind and athleticism on his colts.  His colts have the great abilities and good minds of Jackie Bee, one of his great grand sires, and the beauty of Tardy Too, also a great grand sire.  With Top Moon in his pedigree, you know they also have size and speed.  Keegan’s colts are excelling in heading, heeling, barrel racing, dressage, cutting and jumping. 

Mr Piper Tru Verse picture

Mr Piper Tru Verse

DOB: 5/05/2002
APHA# 690047
Sire: Mr Tru Sunday
Dam:  Miss Skip A Verse

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Roo's Boy



Piper is a super individual.  He stands a good 15.2hh and is very correct in every way.  We were unable to get him started as a 2 yr. old but had him started as a 7 yr. old and he never once offered to buck, rear or be stupid.  After 20 days of riding on a big cattle ranch he was dragging calves to the fire, rounding up their broodmares and anything else that was asked of him.  He likes to work cattle and is a go-getter.  He is very soft and sensitive.  He is a grandson of the great Painted Tru Tru and goes back to foundation AQHA on the bottom.  His babies have a lot of color, brains and size.  He has produced two homozygous foals and no sorrels thus far.  He throws about 90% color bred to AQHA mares and 100% color bred to colored mares.

Docs Skip N Cash Son Picture

I B Cruizin

DOB: 04/27/2004
AQHA # 4923253
Sire: Buena Chex Pink Fire
Dam:  Sunday Creek Two

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Cruizer is a beautiful perlino stallion.  He stands 15.1hh and is really heavy built.  Cruizer has a heart of gold and has a disposition you can not believe.  He is super kind and does not act like a stallion at all.  He had not been ridden for three years and rode off like he had been ridden everyday.    Cruizer will watch a cow.  He is a Grandson of Buckeroo Bueno Chex by Tuf N Busy. He is Classy Bar and Quincy bred on the bottom side.  He produces really nice minded beautiful babies.

Docs Skip N Cash Son Picture

Blue Chickolena

DOB: 5/07/2007
AQHA # 4999187
Sire: Hancocks Blue Olena
Dam:  Chickalena Chex

 Blue Chickolena is a beautiful true blue roan stallion.  He stands 15h and is totally correct all the way around with very good confirmation. He has a pretty little head.  Blue Boy has a super disposition and is a fast learner.  He is a gentleman to hand breed with and very well behaved.  Blue Boy has a bunch of Greats in his pedigree.  He is double bred Doc Olena,  King Fritz, Okie Leo, Leo and many more.He has been tested and is homozygous for the black gene so will not throw any red colts.  Blue Boy is paid into the AQHA Incentive Fund for the 2011 breeding season.

Blue Boy has been certified at 86% with the NFQHA.
He has also been tested for Herda and is N/N.

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Here are some photos of his babies.

Blue India Rose

Peptolena Mac

Blue Tessaolena

Smart Golden Cowboy

Smart Golden Cowboy

DOB: 04/28/2011
AQHA # 5429604
Sire: Stings Next Dun It
Dam:  Dun Its Chic

 Jackson is a super nice stallion.  He is as sweet as they come and very easy to handle.  He is a smaller boy standing 14.2h but he is so athletic and quick he is just fun.  Jackson is totally straight and correct.  He is an Amber champagne and just sparkles in the sun.  He was started by Travis Lange of Billings and then let stand all summer.  Reis Wolf took him and refreshed and started him reining.  Reis said he thinks Jackson always thinks good thought cause he always has his ears up and is always ready to learn something new.  He can really get under himself and plant his butt in the dirt.  Jackson is the grandson of Dun It With Sting who has a ROM in Open Reining, ROM in Working Cow Horse, points in amateur reining and halter.  Also a Reining Futurity Champion.  WQHA Working Cow Horse Champion and AQHA Reserve Champion Reining.  Jackson also has Smart Chic Olena on his papers and he has 65 AQHA points, NHRA Hall Of Fame, NHRA 10+million dollar sire.  He also earned $167,471 in cutting, reining and working cow horse events.  World Champion SR. Open Reining and SR Open Reining.  This boy has talent all over his pedigree and it shows in him.

Smart Golden Cowboy Smart Golden CowboySmart Golden Cowboy

Smart Golden Cowboy Video

Smart Golden Cowboy Video 2

Smart Golden Cowboy Video 3