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  • Mykal T Moon
  • Pokeys Roany Pony
    Pokeys Roany Pony
  • Hanna Red Hancock
    Hanna Red Hancock
  • Dunit With Bells On
  • SNW Tufs Miss Den
  • Docs Smart Lena
  • RH Big Try Valentine
    RH Big Try Valentine
  • Steppinaut
  • Miss Smart Tucker
  • Sugs Royal Matti
    Sugs Royal Matti
  • Cowgirl Romance
  • Lilly Zan Command
    Lily Zan Command
  • Montleon Redhead
  • Picantes Mirage
    Picantes Mirage
  • Bella Bonvestor
  • Fern Cary
  • SNW Miss Irish Po
  • DT Gingers Chick
  • Playing With Kenna
    Playing With Kenna
  • Dandy Handy Moon
  • Hickory Dickory B
  • JRO Roan Lassie
    JRO Roan Lassie
  • Zans Hickory Spark
  • PM Easter Sun Cat
  • Blond Puro
  • OSR Quixote Kandy
  • Jerrys Georgie Girl
  • Pepto NBM Chloe
  • Whizbang Buckshot
    whizbang buckshot tab photo
  • Zans Elusive Alibi
  • Arwen Pepper Blues
  • Shiners Coaleanna
    Shiners Coaleanna
  • Quincys BlueSage
    Quincys Blue Sage
  • Fouz Zan ID Cheyenne
    Fouz Zan ID Cheyenne
  • Blueberry Cowgirl
    Blueberry Cowgirl
  • Harlans Little Sugar
    Heavenly Talent
  • Double Blue Shine DR
    Double Blue Shine DR

Mykal T Moon 

DOB: 04/09/1997
AQHA # 3609611
Sire: Too Tardy Keegan
Dam:  Got All Four

Callie is a very pretty 16hh grey AQHA mare.  She is by our stallion Too Tardy Keegan.  Callie is very correct and has a beautiful head and neck.  She was orphaned at 24 hours old so she has taken on the personality of a human.  She is very graceful and floats when she travels.  She is very loving and kind.  Her babies are a lot like her, kind and good sized.

Pokeys Roany Pony

Pokeys Roany Pony

DOB: 05/09/2003
AQHA #  4577412
Sire: Poco Sugar Frost
Dam:  King Lees Lady Five

Roany is a really nice blue roan mare.  She is very thick built and has really good bone under her.  Roany has never been ridden but her babies speak for themselves.  They are really good minded and have that nice, good, solid body and having the blue color doesn't hurt either.  This mare has the good Poco breeding with the Levan and Triple Chick breeding too.

Pokeys Roany Pony

Hanna Red Hancock
Hanna Red Hancock 

DOB: 04/22/2004
AQHA # 4546077
Sire: Black Hawk Hancock
Dam:  Dry Fork Chick

Hanna is a beautiful brown mare.  She stands a good 15.2h and is really built nice.  She is a super nice mare to have around.  She is kind and really sensible.  Hanna also really rides.  She is super athletic and a really smooth mover.  Hanna has a bunch of speed in her pedigree.  Bred really nice.

Hanna Red Hancock

Dunit With Bells On 

DOB: 05/22/2003
AQHA # X0617486
Sire: Dun It For Money
Dam:  Bellas Obie

Hope is a pretty 14.1hh Granddaughter of Hollywood Dunit.  I rode her to round up cattle and she is really broke.  Hope is quick and can spin on a dime.  Her sire Dun It For Money, who is out of an Okie Leo/Joe Cody mare has his ROM in reining winning $15,000.  He was also a Finalist in the NRHA Futurity.  Hope loves attention.

SNW Tufs Miss Denver 

DOB: 06/06/2004
AQHA # 4506746
Sire: IMA Tuf Lena
Dam:  Canadian Two Miss

Mica is a pretty mare.  She stands about 14.2hh and is picture perfect in her conformation.  Her babies are just as pretty as she is too.   Her grand-sire is Tuf N Busy on the top side who had 2 halter points and 250.5 performance points.  He was Top 10 World show in heeling and also had reining and heading points.   He was the sire of a World Champion and produced many NRHA money earners and ROM in halter and performance horses.  His sire is the great Bueno Chex who is an AQHA Champion with a ROM in Arena and is 100% foundation.  On the bottom side she is bred Two Eyed Fox, Pretty Buck, The Ole Man and Mr Blackburn.  This mare has it all.

Docs Smart Lena 

DOB: 05/05/2000
AQHA # 3954473
Sire: Majestic Smoken Joe
Dam:  Smart Phantom Rio

Smarty is just as her name says.  She is super smart.  Smarty really walks out and can long trot forever.  She is super quick and very snappy.  She is Colonel Freckles, Smart Little Lena, Jackie Bee and the Valedoctorian who has 33 performance points.  Rey Jay is also in there.  What more could you ask for?  She is a super fun mare to ride.

RH Big Try Valentine

RH Big Try Valentine 

DOB: April 2010
AQHA # 5317880
Sire: Free Ambrose
Dam:  Hancocks Blue Sky

Rose is a really pretty blue roan mare.  She stands about 15.1h maybe more.  Rose has a kind way about herself and is pretty easy going.  She rides and has no buck or stupidness to her.  She goes back to the great Blue Valentine who is ranked #7 in the top ranch horse bloodlines by the Western Horseman and also Plenty Try.  She has the good bone of the Hancocks also.  We are excited to see this girls babies.



AQHA # 4700093
Sire: Peponaut
Dam:  Two Step Shirley

Fancy is a super athletic mare.  She stands 14.2hh and is as quick as a cat.  She was used to pair out, sort and round up.  She never let a cow get past her.  She is very athletic  and not afraid of anything.  Loves to work those cows.  She will also go all day and never quit. She is tough.  She is a Granddaughter of Peppy San Badger on the top side and a Great-Great-Granddaughter to him on the bottom side. You can't ask for much more.

Steppinaut's Sire: Peponaut


DOB: 04/04/2007
Sire: The Smart Smoke
Dam:  Tomboy Tucker

Tucker is a super catty little mare.  She only stands a good 14.1hh but dynamite comes in small packages.  Tucker can spin on a dime and give you change!  She is super athletic but you can just look at her pedigree and see it.  The Smart Smoke has 100 AQHA pts,  ROM in reining, Top Ten Open Reining, NRHA $18,184 COA, #16 Top Sire of 3 yr. olds.  His sire is Smart Little Lena, 88% foundation,  NCHA Triple Crown Winner(1st horse to win this),  NCHA World Champion,  NCHA LTE $577,652.36.  Then there is Doc Tom Tucker who is WCHA Hall of Famer.  There are too many other point earners to write about so check out her pedigree.

Sugs Royal Matti

Sugs Royal Matti

DOB: 05/23/2008
AQHA#: 5117875
Sire:Peptos San Lena
Dam:  Sugs Fancy Freckle

Matti is a beautiful 15hh mare.  She has a pretty head and a big hip.  She has a lot of power.   She is really smart and has a super nice pedigree with Peptoboonsmal, Docs Sug and Colonel Freckles all on her papers.  This little mare's babies are going to be super.

Sugs Royal Matti

Cowgirl Romance 

DOB: 04/23/2002
AQHA # 4265882
Sire: Sangre De Doc
Dam:  Docs Mary Pearl

Rosie is a beautiful, stoutly built grey mare. She is Docs Prescription, Peppy San Badger, and Jackie Bee bred.  She was started at a later age but is a super mare to ride.  She is cowy, athletic and has super indurance.  Never any buck or stupidness but she has a lot of go.  She really tracks a cow.  She is fun.

Lily Zan Command

Lilly Zan Command 

DOB: 04/30/2002
AQHA # 4217771
Sire: Centurion Command
Dam:  Zans Chexy Express

Lily is a beautiful buckskin mare.  She stands a good 15.2h and is really built.  Lily is a grand-daughter of Fritz Command.  He has 17 halter points and 111 performance points.  He is an AQHA Champion and sired many point and money earners.  His sire King Fritz is a Hall of Famer and leading sire of cutting horses.  Lily is also the grand-daughter of Zan Parr Express who has 15 halter points and 103 performance points, AQHA Champion, ROM Performance and was 1983 Hi Point Reining horse.  She also has Master Hand on her papers and he won $96,575 on the track.  This gal has it all.

Montleon Redhead

DOB: 05/11/2008
AQHA # 5117581
Sire: Montleon Baca
Dam: Speedy Redhead

Millie is a really pretty, well-built red roan mare.  She is one of the sweetest and kindest mares on the place. She is not a real tall mare but she is really stout-built.  Millie is super athletic and will track a cow.  She only had 30 days of riding and she wanted to go after the cows. Super smart.  She is the great-granddaughter of Two ID Bartender who has AQHA H-19 and P-164 ( 18 calf roping, 81 heeling, 15 reining, 7 working cow horse, 40 heading, 1 barrel racing and 2 western riding.  10 Grands and 3 Reserves.)  He was an AQHA World Champion,  ROM halter, ROM calf roping, ROM Rening and Superior in Heeling.  She is also the great-granddaughter of Merridoc who has a Speed Index of 102 AAAT and a winner of $249,736.  She has it all and so will her babies.


Picantes Mirage

Picantes Mirage

DOB:  4/18/2009
Sire: Asi Picante
Dam: Run Out Poco Pep

Cue is a well built, pretty cremello mare.  She is a super athlete and loves to work whatever is in front of her; from a bird, to the dog and especially a cow.  She can get down, dirty and really spin around while looking gorgeous doing it .  She is stout built and has really good bone under her. We are looking forward to her babies.  They will be colorful.

Picantes Mirage


Bella Bonvestor 

DOB: 04/02/2002
AQHA # 4198679
Sire: Bon Jour Investor
Dam: Rosetta Ribbonette

Bella is a beatiful mare. She is bred to be a show horse but loves to work cattle and she lots of get-up-and-go.  Bella comes from the Birdtail Ranch and is bred to the hilt.  She is by Bon Jour Investor and out of Rosetta Ribbonette who are both point earners.  Her pedigree is full of point earners and athletes.  Do take a look.  Her babies will be just super.

Fern Cary 

DOB: 03/26/2001
AQHA # 4112125
Sire: CC Panamas Block Boy
Dam:  Docs Miss Sabre Bar

Kat is a beautiful red roan mare that stands 15hh.  She has really good bone, is very correct and has a very solid frame.  She has a beautiful little head and a huge butt.  She is well-broke and rides great.  She is Docs Prescription,Three Ohs and Buster Hancock bred.

SNW Miss Irish Poco 

DOB: 06/21/2003
AQHA # 4401942
Sire: Colenel Jim Zim
Dam: Weavers Flashy Poco

Missy is a beautiful 14.3hh smutty buckskin mare.  This little mare is a super athlete.  She is quick and can spin on a dime.  She is very correct and really is smart.  She has many point earners in her pedigree.  She has Colonel Freckles, Poco Bueno, Docs Prescription, Par Two Three and Driftwood Ike.  She also has NCHA money earners, Bit A Colonel, Docs Jim Zim, and Partee Doc.

DT Gingers Chick 

DOB: 06/10/2006
AQHA # 4917445
Sire: Chick Valentine
Dam:  Expensive Ginger

Quirt is a really sweet 14.2hh mare.  She is very correct and super good-minded She is the sought-after grulla color.  Her great-grandsire is the great Colonel Freckles who is a Hall of Famer in Cutting.  She is also Poco Bueno bred on the bottom side.  Quirt is a super nice riding horse and loves to have attention.  Always the first one to the gate to be caught.

Playing With Kenna

Playing With Kenna 

DOB: 05/20/2006
AQHA # 4895563
Sire: Play Per View
Dam:  Grain of Sugar

Kenna is a beautiful 14.2h grey mare.  She is super athletic and super cowy.  This mare has good bone and is also very solid.  Kenna is a granddaughter of Playgun and a granddaughter of Royal Finish, a son of Sugar Bars.  This mare has it all  Color, Cow and Speed.

Playing With Kenna

Dandy Handy Moon 

DOB: 03/30/2007
AQHA # 4951312
Sire: Too Tardy Keegan
Dam:  Fern Cary

Handy is a beautiful 15.2hh bay roan that we raised.  She is by our senior stallion Too Tardy Keegan.  Handy is an elegant mover and is very kind and sweet to deal with.  She is smooth and easy to handle.  She goes back to Jackie Bee, Tardy too, Top Moon and Firebrand Reed on the top side.  Her mother is the horse that we put the grandkids on because she is just that gentle.  She is a Hancock, Docs Prescription, Three Ohs and Grey Badger II bred.  This girl will have some nice babies.

Hickory Dickory Babe 

AQHA # 4951311
Sire: Too Tardy Keegan
Dam: Zans Hickory Spark

Babe is a wonderful mare.  She stands 15.1hh and is super correct. Her sire is our senior stallion Too Tardy Keegan and her mother is a super athletic mare that is Hickorydickorydoc, Doc O Diamond, Zan Parr Bar, and Diamond Sparkle bred.   Babe is an amazing athlete.  She is very soft and responsive.  This mare is very varsatile.  Babe has that pretty little head and big kind eye.  Check out her pedigree and look at all the greats she comes from.

JRO Roan Lassie

JRO Roan Lassie 

DOB: 04/10/2008
AQHA # 5118906
Sire: Snippys Roan Bar
Dam:  Aces Classy Lassie

Ribbon is a super pretty red roan mare.  She is really easy to have around and does ride also.  She is even tempered and kind.  She stands about 14.3h and is built pretty square and solid.  Ribbon has Snippys Cowboy on her papers and he has 22 halter points and 203 performance points.  He is an AQHA Champion, Superior in Reining, AQHA High Point Performance horse, Top Ten in World Show and a Performance ROM.  She also has Docs Prescription on her papers and he has 9 halter points and 16 performance points.  He also has a ROM in Western Pleasure and is an AQHA Champion.  This mare will produce Athletic ability and color.

Zans Hickory Spark 

DOB: 04/18/1998
AQHA # 3679160
Sire: Zans Sugar Diamond
Dam:  Doc Dolly Prom

Sparkle is a very pretty 15hh sorrel mare. She is correct and has great conformation.  Sparkle is very athletic and  quick on her feet.  She is bred to do it all.  She has a lot of greats in her pedigree, Zan Parr Bar, Sugar Bars, Doc's Hickory, Doc O Diamond and Diamonds Sparkle just to mention a few that are on her papers. Her babies are super.

PM Easter Sun Cat 

DOB: 03/30/1997
AQHA # 3574693
Sire: Firecat Alley
Dam:  Mee Easy Winner

Missy is a super horse.  She loves to work cattle and is very good at it.  She has a lot of get-up-and-go and can flat run.  Her grandsire on the top side is Old Tom Cat who has 30 halter points, was an AQHA Champion and was a AAA Race horse also.  He was the sire of 5 AQHA Champions,  13 Arena ROM, 27 Race ROM with earners of 663 halter points, 242 performance points and 222 race points.  She also has Ettabo, Easy Jet and Leo on the bottom side.  There are many other greats in her pedigree.  If you are big enough to sit up and hold the reins you can ride this mare.  I just can't say enough about her.  She is super.

Blonde Puro

DOB: 04/17/1996
AQHA # 3511694
Sire: Mr. Black Ginger
Dam:  Golden Puro

Creamy is a really well built, nice minded little mare.  She produces the same.  Very straight and correct, pretty headed babies.  Creamy is a granddaughter of Puro Tivio who is 100% FQHA and has H-19 and P- 2.  His sire is Poco Tivio winner of 11,188.39 in NCHA Top Ten World Show.  He is also a halter point earner, ROM performance awards winner, Superior Performance off-spring producer and has produced AQHA Champions.  Creamy is also a great-granddaughter of the great Hollywood Gold who is also 100% FQHA. He was a leading sire of arena ROM (40) and also produced 1 AQHA Champion, High Point Cutting horse and 14 Superior cutting horses.  Sire of 44 daughters who produced many ROM off spring.  Creamy will guarantee color everytime since she is a cremello.

OSR Quixote Kandy 

DOB: 04/27/2006
AQHA # 4865480
Sire: Boonsmal Kandy Man
Dam: Rosalina Peppy

Candi is a little 14.2hh ball of fire.  She is as quick as a cat and will spin a hole in the ground is need be.  She has lots of get-up-and-go.  This little girl could do it all.  Cutting, working cow horse, team penning, barrels or be a really good heeling horse.  She is a very versatile athlete.  Candi's sire is Boonsmals Kandy Man a 2004 NCHA Super Stakes Semi Finalist winning $26,000 to this point and his sire Peppy San Badger who is 88% foundation, a NCHA Hall of Famer with NCHA earnings of $172,710.52and  the #1 leading cutting horse sire of all time. I could say more but his long line of accomplishments are too numerous to put down.  Candi is also a granddaughter of Peppy San Badger on her bottom side  Docs Hickory, Mr San Peppy and Doc Quixote are on her papers too. This little girl's babies are going to be super athletes.

Jerrys Georgie Girl 

DOB: 05/07/2000
AQHA # 3952331
Sire: Smart Little Jerry
Dam: Tinnys Sugar

Georgie is a beautiful little 14.3hh bay mare.  She is a super little mare that can really cut a cow and loves doing it. She is super athletic and has a nice smooth gait.  She is really broke; one of those horses you can put just about anyone on.  Georgie's sire is Smart Little Jerry who has lifetime earnings of 197,192.00.  This gal's pedigree is filled with a super bunch of point earners.   Smart Little Lena who is 88% foundation and a NCHA Triple Crown Winner(1st horse to win this),  NCHA World champion, LTE 577,652.36 and #1 all time leading sire of NCHA money earners earning $33,565,935.00. Playboys Ruby LTE of $268,441, NCHA Super Stakes Non Pro Champion, NCHA Super Stakes Classic Champion , #2 All time leading cutting producer of $1.6 Million. Freckles Playboy,  world champion 1977, Top Ten World Show 1978 NCHA Money earner, Rom Performance and currently #2 producing NCHA sire earning $27,169,419.00.  Doc Olena, NCHA LTE of $21,991.93 AQHA Hall of Famer  Currently #7 NCHA producing sire. Poco Lena,  AQHA Hall of Famer, AQHA Superior Halter and Performance and has 174 halter and 671 performance points in Cutting, NCHA earnings of $99,820.00. There are many more.  This girl's babies will be awesome.

Peptos NBM Chloe 

DOB: 05/11/2007
AQHA # 4985750
Sire: Peptos Boon Shadow
Dam:  Jessie Jay Lena

Chloe is a beautiful bay mare.  She stands about 15hh and is a super athlete.  Chloe is quick, catty and will really watch a cow.  She has a sweet and kind disposition, good conformation and a beautiful head.  She is a granddaughter of Peptoboonsmal and Poco San Lena.  Need I say more? This little girl is bred for athleticism and cow working knowledge and she has both.

whizbang buckshot photo

Whizbang Buckshot

DOB: 06/15/1998
AQHA # 3917015
Sire: Buzs Tucker Whizabar
Dam: Panas Smoke

Chamois is a super little horse.  She stands around 14.1hh and as they say, "dynomite comes in small packages" and that is so true of her. She is super quick, athletic and she can slide a trench in the ground.  She has team penned and sorted and is just plain fun.  Chamois has Doc Tom Tucker on her papers and he is a WCHA Hall of Famer. He is a producer of World Champions, Superhorses,  Working Cow Horses and also Halter horses.  She also has Mr Gun Smoke on her papers who is a NRCHA Hall of Famer.  He also is a Superior Cutting Horse  1968 and a producer of many great horses.  Chamois's babies are super and have great conformation.

Zans Elusive Alibi

DOB: 05/26/1999
AQHA # 3862215
Sire: Zan Parr Alibi
Dam: Conclusive Ju Lee

DeeDee is a big girl with a big heart.  She stands a good 15.2hh and weighs about 1400.  She is very correct all the way around and has that beautiful little head.  DeeDee came to us at the age of 11.  She had not been started but we thought she was way too pretty to not see if she would ride.  With the help of  Reis Wolf and Sara Schank we found out just how smart this mare is.  She saddled up and rode with a halter or a bosal like she had been ridden all of her life.  She is so responsive that she actually half way neck reins. DeeDee has Zan Parr Bar on her papers who was an Earner of 602 performance points, 245 halter points with 114 grand champions.  He was used in Pleasure, Reining, Calf Roping, Heading and heeling and was 3 time World Champion Halter horse. She also has the great Conclusive on her papers.  He was a sire of 18 World Champions and he himself had 42 halter points.  DeeDee is just a sweetheart and she is HYPP N/N.  Her babies are very , very nice.

Arwen Pepper Blues

Arwen Pepper Blues

DOB: 04/12/2002
AQHA # 4294313
Sire: Tee J Double Jackie
Dam: Poco Pepper Blues

Pepper is a super nice 15.2hh mare.  She is sweet-minded and not a mean bone in her body.  She is quick and can really work.  She has the love of chasing a cow, too.  Pepper is a granddaughter of the Great Jackie Bee.  Jackie Bee was a producer of many great point earners in halter and also performance.  He produced 3 world champions and 4 reserve world champions.  Jackie Bee was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame in 2008.  Pepper also has the great horse Blue Valentine on her papers.  He was a super rope horse and was ranked #7 Top Ranch Horse Bloodlines by the Western Horseman in 2007. This mare is very versatile and just awesome.

Arwen Pepper Blues
Arwen Pepper Blues


Shiners Coaleanna

Shiners Coaleanna

DOB: 05/18/2003
AQHA # 4555805
Sire: Shiners Chex Olena
Dam: Coaleanna

Leanna is one of the prettiest mares around.  She is so black she just shines.  She is really built and super correct.  She rides really well and has been used on a ranch to round up cattle and does really well.  Leanna is a granddaughter of Shining Spark and a great-granddaughter of Peppy San Badger with Bold Merit on the bottom side.  She has beauty, cow, athletic ability with speed.  Super pedigree.

Shiners Coaleanna

Quincys Blue Sage

Quincys Blue Sage

DOB: 05/10/2002
AQHA # X0609070
Sire:Blueblood Prestige
Dam: Top Side TB

Quincy is a beautiful, super nice-minded blue roan mare.  She has a beautiful head and good bone under her.  She is really fast and can get under herself.  She was only ridden about 10 times and she went on her first cattle round up.  She is very cowy.  She is a granddaughter of Quincy Prestige who is a point earner by Joe Quincy.  On her bottom side is Secretariat who is by Bold Ruler.  This girl has the best of both worlds.  Smart, athletic ability with major speed. Quincy was owned and trained by Jennifer Hancock. Thank you Jennifer.  Her babies are simply gorgeous.


Quincys Blue Sage

Fouz Zan ID Cheyenne

Fouz Zan ID Cheyenne

DOB: 6/10/2008
AQHA # 5129041  
Sire: Via King Eyed Zan
Dam: Bossman Prissy

Chey is a really pretty solid bay mare.  She has a pretty little head and a very sturdy body with good bone.    Chey has Two ID Bartender on her papers.  He  has 19 halter points and 164 performance points which are , 18 calf roping, 81 heeling, 15 reining, 7 working cow horse, 1 barrel, 40 heading and 2 western riding.  He was an AQHA Champion with a ROM in halter, Calf Roping, Heading, Heeling and reining.  He was a true champion.  She also has Zans Rawhide on her papers.  This 14.2h mare has the athletic ability and looks and so will her babies.  She also really rides and has the athletic quickness  to be very versatile.

Blueberry Cowgirl

Blueberry Cowgirl

DOB: 05/08/2008
AQHA # 5097914
Sire:Bubba Roan Cowboy
Dam: Blueberry Blue

Cowgirl is a beautiful blue roan mare. She stands about 15.2h maybe a little more. She is a really kind and gentle mare and has the sweetest attitude of all. She could do well in any dicipline. Cowgirl has Bee Lowa Cowboy who has 1.5 halter points and 12 performance points and he is by Snippys Cowboy who has 22 halter points and 203 performance points and was Hi-Point Performance, Top Ten World Show with a Performance Rom. His sire is Snippy Star Jack by Two Eyed Jack and he had 36 halter and 31 performance points with a ROM in Arena, heading and heeling. On her bottom side she is Royal Tailwind (98.4% foundation) The Continental, Mr San Peppy with Jimmie Mac Bee top and bottom. He is 100% foundation and was a dunalino. This girl will produce us some of the best babies.

Blueberry Cowgirl

Harlans Little Sugar

Harlans Little Sugar

DOB: 04/15/2006
AQHA # 5104470
Sire:Watch Cloudy Jack
Dam: My Mae Evans

Sugar is a super little mare. She stands around 14.2h and is really stout. She is super nice to handle and be around. Sugar is super athletic and would make a really super heeling horse. With all of the cow in her she could do just about any cow type dicipline. She is Two Eyed Jack and Gold Fingers bred top side and Catalena Boy by Doc Olena, Sugar Bars and Leo bred on the bottom. This little girl has a lot of cow in her breeding and it shows.

Harlans Little Sugar

Double Blue Shine DR

Double Blue Shine DR

DOB: 04/17/200
AQHA # X0667798
Sire: Blue Spark Olena
Dam: Docs Blazing Queeni

Shiner is a beautiful blue roan mare that stands a good 15.2h.  She is a daughter of Blue Spark Olena, a son Shining Spark, and his dam is a daughter of Smart Sugalena by Smart Little Lena.  On her bottom side she is Chex and Winken Wayne.  This mare has the breeding to do it all and the nice mind to go with it.

Double Blue Shine DR

Double Blue Shine DR

DOB: 04/17/2007
AQHA # X0667798
Sire: Blue Spark Olena
Dam: Docs Blazing Queeni

Sniner is a beautiful blue roan mare that stands a good 15.2hh.  She is a daughter of Blue Spark Olena, a son Shining Spark, and her dam is a daughter of Smart Sugalena by Smart Little Lena.  On her bottom side she is Chex and Winken Wayne.  This mare has the breeding to do it all and the nice mind to go with it.

Double Blue Shine DR